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Atma's workshop is equipped to provide pump, valve and other mechanical maintenance and repairs on any brand of pump, and our in-house technicians are experienced in working with nearly every type and configuration of centrifugal pump. In addition to the pump manufacturers we represent, our technicians are proficient on virtually every brand of pump on the market. we offer a host of customized industrial metal fabrication equipment to carry out services tailored to your project requirements.

Our services cover metal bending, welding, and forming to final thorough polishing. We provide our clients with the right engineering services and components to support their daily project activities.

When it comes to pump services, repair and parts replacement, our mechanical and fabrication shops are well-equipped and capable of repairing and manufacturing basic pump parts and pump components in cast iron, steel, bronze, stainless steel as well as other variety of materials. We are also equipped to carry out equipment diagnosis and analysis, laser alignments, Vibration analysis, Hydrotesting, Mechanical seal check, Mechanical upgrades and retrofits, Machining and repair welding, Complete overhaul services etc.

Our workshop pump services offered includes:

  • Pump problem diagnosis.
  • Preventive and scheduled maintenance.
  • Mechanical upgrades and retrofits.
  • Machining and repair welding.
  • Balancing and alignments.
  • Vibration analysis.
  • Machining of basic pump parts.
  • Correction of factory defect.
  • Hydrotesting.
  • Complete overhaul services etc., are a list of what we offer at the workshop

Our Fabrication Capabilities ranges from Prototyping, CNC Turning and Milling, Custom Welding, Punching, Bending, Notching, Rolling, Drilling, Turning, Tapping, Grinding, Polishing, Degreasing etc.

Precision Metal Fabrication (Heavy structural steel & Plate fabrication) Inclusive of our metal machining services, we also offer, Engineering design, Prefabrication and Construction Assemblies & equipment Installation.

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We provide industrial procurement for pumps and pump spares...


We offer procurement management of industrial process valves and actuators

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Atma works with leading manufacturers of Pressure Vessels

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We supply an extensive range of Marine equipment